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Positive Aromatic Conditioning: PAC Technique

We are all aware that we have aroma preferences and dislikes - even to the point that some aromas can remind us of bad, even traumatic situations in our lives, while others remind us of very happy or pleasant situations or events. We can often see ourselves somewhere and feel how we felt in a situation, when presented with particular aromas. These aroma connections happen subconsciously with no effort on our part.

Positive Aromatic Conditioning or PAC is proactively and consciously creating positive aroma connections. In doing so we condition ourselves to feel positive emotions connected to a chosen aroma so that we can access those emotions at will. We gain a measure of control over our emotions in any given situation, thereby feeling empowered.

The PAC Technique has been forming and reforming in my mind for many years. It began when I was pregnant with my last child, 14 years ago. I was looking forward to my third home birth and thinking about ways I could help other women to better cope with labor and delivery no matter where they delivered. A few years later, as I was receiving formal aromatherapy training it came back to me and I started to play with the idea more. Over the last few years I have done classes at a rehabilitation unit and at a retreat for widows of military men. It gave me the opportunity to continue to perfect the technique. The class members have been pleased with the results and I have been gratified to see that it is helpful to them.

If you are interested in a future class where you can make your own blend, please email me:

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