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Learn Essential Oils



Essential oils are the pure aromatic liquids that come from specific types of botanical material extracted through the process of steam distillation.


They are truly beautiful nature-produced products, beneficial and safe for human consumption when used appropriately.



I'm sure you've realized by now that the “facts” floating around about essential oils aren’t always true. That’s why, at Learn Essential Oils, we do our absolute best to make sure the facts you find here are true.


Look around and see what we have to offer as you learn to safely use essential oils to their greatest benefit.


There are a variety of essential oil users groups who don’t always agree on how to use essential oils or even what they are exactly. Get the facts here and form your own opinions.


On the subject of essential oils, there will always be more to learn as the science and body of research grows. It’s very exciting!


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Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy



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Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy


Learn Essential Oils

LEO provides factual information while still respecting all essential oil users—valuing their personal experiences and their efforts in becoming educated.


Jennifer Eden Clark, founder of LEO, began experimenting with essential oils in 1997 in search of natural options to care for her growing family. She found success with essential oils. As her passion for natural wellness grew, she began to pursue a career in Aromatherapy in 2007. She completed three years of extensive training and exams to become a Certified Aromatherapist in 2008, a Registered Aromatherapist (RA) in 2010, and a Master Aromatherapist in 2011.


Jen understands all essential oil users from the novice to the professional aromatherapist and everything in between. She has felt many of the same feelings on her journey as you may have on yours: from excited to ennervated, focused to frustrated, accepted to attacked. She has experience in many essential oil user groups and also has a gift for being able to understand and appreciate differing viewpoints.


Jen’s focus at LEO is to provide accurate essential oil information in a positive, balanced, unbiased way. She welcomes positive, supportive, educational input from all sincere essential oil users.


Jennifer Eden is also the author of ESSENTIAL OIL BASICS: The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe & Effective Essential Oil Use.


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