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True facts on essential oils are actively sought here at LEO.


Absolute truth just is. It is actual, proven, repeatable, sustainable, substantiated.


Traditional truth is useful and valuable to know, but it is not always absolute truth. Often, it’s just the status quo, what’s been handed down, what’s always been done without examining why it’s being done or asking if it’s still valid and useful.


Mythical truth may have begun with a very small grain of truth or none at all. They are concepts, beliefs, methods, or systems that have developed to suit the needs or desires of the inventors. People believe them to be true, simply because so many people do, without investigating the source or the reason behind them. They are misleading and can be detrimental to those who believe or practice them. Myth can be harmful, either directly from natural consequences or by default from a person not knowing any better and therefore not being able to benefit from absolute truth.


Evolving truth is cool because it means we’re learning. It means new things are coming to light that hadn’t been or couldn’t be proven before. It can become absolute truth. If an idea or concept looks promising and many people under similar circumstances are experiencing the same positive results, then it just might become absolute truth through further experience and testing. Care needs to be taken to not assume that evolving truth is absolute truth, not yet.


All of these types of “truth” are part of the culture of aromatherapy and essential oils. Aromatic plants have been used by mankind for thousands of years, back to the Egyptians and probably before, in the form of incense, herbs, and solid perfumes, infused oils, and ointments. Later, in Persia around 1,000 AD, steam distillation was developed and essential oils were born. During the intervening hundreds of years to modern times, it is not surprising that all the types of truth have sprung up around the use of essential oils.


Now, we have the advantage of world-wide communication and cooperation among people and scientists. Because of this we are discovering many absolute truths that have verified what some people had done traditionally, what some thought was myth, truth that had been evolving, and some things we’d never even thought of before. It is exciting to be privy to the experiences of so many people and the scientific studies being conducted.

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