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An Adverse Event is any unpleasant experience arising from the use of essential oils—such as irritation, sensitization, burning, rashing, itching, etc. People do experience side effects from essential oil use with greater and greater frequency, as the use of essential oils expands internationally, even though you may have been told that it's not possible,


Read more about safety here to not become a statistic. Get the book, Essential Oil Basics: The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe & Effective Essential Oil Use.

If you do experience an adverse event/injury due to the use of essential oils, please report it!


The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy gathers injury reports, making a summary of them each year. Use the link below to make your report.

By doing so you contribute to the safety of others by adding to the body of evidence showing the potential side effects of essential oils and thus how to avoid them. Please consider doing everyone a service by reporting your injury/adverse event. If you know someone who has had an adverse event, who is willing to share, give them the link or help them to report it.

The true fact and good news here is that, essential oil adverse events and injuries are almost entirely preventable! They do not need to happen nor are they inevitable. Using precautions and proper dose, dilution, and duration for each method of administration you can very safely use essential oils. Extra caution is required for Tender People babies, young children, pregnant women, those with known sensitive skin, the elderly, those with compromised health or immunity. Learn about it all in the book. It's important!

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