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Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy

Adults 1-6 drops. Tender people 1-3 drops (babies, children, pregnant women, the frail or elderly, those with sensitive skin, compromised immune systems, or serious health issues); These dosages apply to aromatic, topical, and internal use. Begin with the smallest dose, then increase if needed to achieve the desired result. Allow at least 15 minutes between doses.


Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy


Any method of getting essential oils into the air from simply opening the cap and taking a whiff to using a diffuser of some sort. 


You can apply diluted essential oils anywhere on the surface of the body while avoiding a few sensitive spots.  Do not put essential oils directly in the eyes, ears, or nose and be careful using them around your sensitive private parts.


You can use essential oils by simply placing a drop on a sugar cube to be dissolved in the mouth or by diluting a drop in vegetable oil then putting it on or under your tongue or diluting an appropriate dose in an empty gel or veggie capsule to be swallowed.

Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy

Essential oils are wonderful and beautiful tools from the earth. However, because of their concentrated and fully active nature they are like ‘power tools, so it's important to understand that there are risks involved in using them. It begins with respecting this powerful nature, then learning how to use them appropriately.


This is quite easy. The main things to learn and remember are the basic guidelines for dose, dilution, and duration. Then you can begin to use essential oils with confidence almost immediately. Please click on the ‘Read More’ button below to learn more.


For additional information about the risks associated with essential oils and how to use them safely, click the 'Read More' button below.



Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy


There is a whole section in Essential Oil Basics: The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe & Effective Essential Oil Use devoted to teaching you to make some basic blends that can be used for a number of different conditions from colds to bee stings to relaxation.


All of the following questions are also answered in Essential Oil Basics. If you have the booklet you will always have the answers when you need them.


WHO can use essential oils?

WHEN do I use essential oils?

WHERE & HOW do I apply essential oils?

WHY do some people dilute essential oils and others do not?

BENEFITS of diluting essential oils--Is using more essential oil more effective?

WHAT is the difference between different brands of essential oils?

How do I use Essential Oils?

3 basic methods to use essential oils:

My strong suggestion is to always dilute essential oils before using them anywhere on the body.


Dilution consists of combining essential oils with a carrier to facilitate their application onto the skin, into water, or into the air. Carriers can be many things from vegetable oils to salt.


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