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Essential oils are simple to understand and easy to use, so they are fabulous for the novice. Yet, you could spend a lifetime learning about them and never know it all.


Essential oils are incredibly useful tools to have in your arsenal of wellness-promoting products. Consider them your “power tools”. As such, they demand some knowledge of what they are, their function, and how to use them safely to achieve the desired effect with no accident or injury to mar the outcome. Used appropriately they are very safe, simple, and satisfying to use

Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy
Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy


An essential oil is the pure aromatic liquid that comes from the steam distillation of a specific type of botanical material, such as lavender or basil.


Aromatherapy is the application to the body of these essential oils, through various methods, to promote physical, psychological and emotional well-being. It means much more than a scent simply sending you “to the moon” or to your Grandma’s kitchen.


Each essential oil has its own unique array of natural intrinsic qualities that enable it to affect a body for good in various ways. This therapeutic effect is where the term “aromatherapy” comes from.


Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to nurture your family’s health naturally.


The first and most common point of entry for essential oils is through olfaction. The second you take the cap off a bottle of essential oil you can smell it as it wafts past your nose. This is because an essential is volatile, from the Latin word volare, meaning “to fly”. What a beautiful image, an aroma taking flight to deliver pleasure and health benefits, both at the same time.


When we inhale essential oil vapors they are picked up by nerve receptors at the top of our nasal passages. The nerve signal passes on to the olfactory bulbs then to the limbic part of the brain. This part of the brain is the center of memory, mood, and emotion so it is no wonder that we have such strong scent memories and reactions to scent—both good and bad.


Essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream through contact with the skin, the mucosal lining in our respiratory passages, or through the lining of our mouth and down through the digestive tract. Once in the blood stream, essential oils can pass through cell walls because of their lipophilic (fat-loving) nature where they have positive effects. 


Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy
Learn Essential Oils | The Truth | Aromatherapy


The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe &

Effective Essential Oil Use

All you need to know when beginning your journey with essential oils, including answers to the common questions people always ask when first learning about them, including a discussion on the hot topic of ingestion.


All the information is distilled down to its pure essence making it possible to learn a lot in a small amount of time, and helping you easily get started using essential oils. Learn to safely use essential oils by following the dose, dilution, and duration guidelines.



Safe & Unsafe EO lists, including pregnancy & ingestion

Guidelines on safe essential oil usage

Myths explained and debunked


The “Practical Applications” section shares 5 Easy DIY blends you can make and use for increased wellness plus recipes for cooking and making green cleaning products.

Now in its 2nd edition. Thousands of copies sold.

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