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Excited or simply curious about essential oils?
Overwhelmed by all the information available and simply want to get the facts straight?

This short read is packed with clear concise details on just what you need to know. In 60-90 minutes you will get a complete unbiased picture of essential oils and how to use them well.

In this NEW edition you get…
    •    Confidence to use essential oils in everyday life
    •    How to properly dose and dilute essential oils
    •    Lists of safe essential oils for pregnancy and ingestion
    •    What to look for in quality essential oils
    •    What pure, therapeutic grade, wildcrafted, and organic mean
    •    Many uses of essential oils: therapeutic, cooking, cleaning…
    •    How to address stress, bug bites, digestive disturbances…
    •    5 DIY recipe blends

    •    How to use the DIY blends for common family complaints

Essential Oil Basics is written by a practicing registered aromatherapist who is certified, holds a Master Aromatherapist Diploma, has taken Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy courses in France, and who actively pursues continuing education in association with other aromatherapy professionals.

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If you have questions about the book, need an article on aromatherapy written or need an aromatherapist for a retreat workshop, to be a qualified speaker, to teach medical professionals about the benefits and uses of essential oils in the clinical setting, or for a podcast or blog post--send an email to the "Aromatics Ambassador" by filling out the form to the right.

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