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Essential Oil Basics, 2nd Ed

Coming soon! Free E-book on Amazon 10-12 Sept!

Busy, busy, busy...just like so many people. The Second Edition of Essential Oil Basics: The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe & Effective Essential Oil Use has been the product of my busyness.

It has been refined, clarified, and enriched to provide all the information a novice needs to begin using essential oils in the safest manner possible, with new lists of oils including, "Pregnancy-Friendly Essential Oils" based on the book Essential Oil Safety by Tisserand/Young and other professional aromatherapy texts.

Plus, it is now FDA compliant in its language so that aromatherapists, direct sales representatives, stores - anyone - can use it to market their services or sell essential oils, while at the same time educating them in how to appropriately use them.

Bonus! It was approved by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists to be added to the welcome bags at their conference 10-13 September 2015, yet MLMers (direct sales reps) will also find that it represents their views on essential oil use, giving people the facts they need to make informed decisions. It's a win-win book for everyone, even covering tough topics like ingestion.

My dream of producing a middle-ground product that would be acceptable to MLMers and professional aromatherapists alike has been realized and I couldn't feel more fulfilled and pleased. It is a project that took on a life of it's own, making many demands of me that pushed me far beyond my comfort zone and challenged me in so many ways. I am glad for where it has brought me.

Next...foreign language translations are in the works: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.

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